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  • Instant credit card and check verification
  • Accept Major Credit Cards Visa & Mastercard in 2-3 business days
  • 98% Account Approvals - 24 Turnaround
  • Toll Free 24 Hour Customer Service Center
  • Tour Companies - Cruise Ships - Holiday and Vacation Travel
  • Airline Tickets - Private Jet Services, Charter Bus Services, Airline Packages

Internet orders, phone orders, or retail storefront. Credit Card Processing, Inc. has the travel merchant service solution you need to process credit card and electronic checks fast, secure and affordable.

In order to accept credit cards at your travel agency over the Internet, you will need two things. A merchant account to settle your credit card transactions, and a transaction processor to move the credit card transaction to its settlement stage. Depending on the number of transactions you intend to process, and the method you prefer to use, we will provide you with several options for running card present or card not present (CNP) transactions.

We work with the largest and most dependable processors in the travel company industry. And trust us when we say, you will want a dependable processor.

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